Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Reality Check

I posted at the beginning of the year that one of our goals is to completely pay off our credit card debt. We've done pretty well with sticking to a budget lately and have been able to save some money towards our debt. Last week, Griff decided to get a jump on our taxes and we were both shocked to discover we owe significantly more than we expected. While we knew we would owe some, due a consulting job Griff had on the side, we owe about 5 times what we thought, and most of it is due to our regular jobs not taking out enough. Not a good surprise. We've made plans to see an accountant next week and we're hoping maybe she can find a little bit of savings for us and more importantly make sure we're ready for next year.

At the end of it all, it's money we owe and it just means we got back too much last year. So I'm not upset, I just wish we had been better prepared. It's frustrating to be getting ahead with the credit card and suddenly need to divert money to a huge tax bill. The good thing is that we proved to ourselves we can save money and we have a good budget to help us get ahead.


nikki said...

That is a disappointing surprise..... At least, you guys were somewhat prepared being you have the money.... Always see the glass half full:)

Doug said...

I have a lady for you. She works out of her house in Marietta and she can be pretty creative when it comes to tax returns. You or Griff can call me and I'll give you her number. It wouldn't hurt to go over your situation with her on the phone to see what she might do.