Friday, January 4, 2008


So I've thought about my New Year's Resolutions. Yes, it's January 4th, but sometimes it takes me a while to make decisions. Actually, these really weren't that difficult to come up with, I've just been a little lazy at actually writing them down. I am really pretty content with my life. But, there are always things that can be improved and these are my goals that will help make 2008 a fabulous year...

Improve Diet - Not go on a diet, but be more aware and careful about what I eat. I know what's healthy and if I can eat that 90% of the time, I'll be doing well. Whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein, dairy, healthy fats. It's not rocket science but sometimes it seems way out of reach.
Increase Exercise - Again, not rocket science. When I move more, I feel better and that makes me want to move even more. I miss my BodyPump and BodyFlow classes at the gym. I miss being able to run. We're planning on running the Disney Half Marathon next January with Griff's sister and her husband. It's too early to start training specifically for that, but I am going to start training to run a 5K again. And get back to my classes at the gym.
See Friends More - I'm blessed with great friends, both mine and those I've met through Griff. I'm horrible at staying in touch and making plans. That needs to change. I can't take the people who mean the most to me for granted. Specifically, I will make plans with friends I don't see often at least once a month. That doesn't seem like much, but it's not happening now and I need to start somewhere.
Pay Off Debt - For some reason we've allowed our credit card debt to grow. We shouldn't have any. We will focus on paying that off first and then work on the cars. Dave Ramsey would be proud.

Those are the big ones. Griff and I are both focused on all of these, which will make it so much easier to accomplish. These will also help us achieve some longer term resolutions we've set for ourselves. Here's to a great 0-8!

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nikki said...

Good Luck!! I'm sure you guys can do it... and I always try to think that ias long as if next year at this time, some of these were accomplished... it was a good year!